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Lymed® manufactures Lymed Sport™ supporting garments for sports. Lymed® garment for sports has the same principle than in neurological and occupational physiotherapy. It improves posture and position, body awareness and muscle tone. These garments designed for sports can prevent injuries, correct problems caused by earlier injuries, enhance recovery and improve endurance. Garments are custom made to fit every athlete’s anatomy whilst taking into account the characteristics of the sport and possible earlier injuries.

Lymed® operates a Lymed Sport™ Clinic. The Sport™ Clinic innovatively combines four separate services into an entity. These all four ideas support and complement each other fully. Lymed Sport™ Clinic combines Lymed Sport™ support garment design, Kinien movement analysis, Neurosonic® low frequency treatment and Lymed Sport™ rehabilitation consultation.

Lymed Animal™

A custom-made Lymed Animal™ garment has a medically controlled pressure.

Lymed Dog™ products have affect the animal’s ability to re-focus and self-appease. Based on studies made within the scope of human medicine, the calming effect of pressure is rooted in strengthening proprioseptics and awakening the deep sensory input. The function of the supporting garment is based on enhancing proprioseptics of the body, body awareness and deep pressure input. In different disorders of sensory integrations the feeling of pressure in large areas can help to manage the pressure inputs and overcome the feeling of irritation and malaise. This has a favorable effect on the ability to concentrate and generalized feeling of ease.

Read more about Lymed Animal from the official web page!

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