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Interim & Light™


Interim care garments are mostly used in the beginning of burn treatment when the actual pressure treatment is too early to start due to open wounds or acclimatization to the pressure. Interim care garments are made with the silky thin material with light pressure. The light pressure garments are used e.g. in pain treatment with chronic pain patients.

Neuropathic pain is pain caused by damage or disease affecting the somatosensory nervous system. Different components of neuropathic pain vary for each patient and each experienced pain. Patients with chronic pain often suffer from sleep disorders, tiredness, mood swings, anxiety and secondary muscular symptoms. Most patient experience these when pain turns into chronic pain and causes a sensory overload. Interim & Light™ pressure garment acts as a so called stimulation treatment in pain management.

Interim care & light pressure garments are standard sized products although the pressure level can be affected a bit with the selection of size. These garments include shirts, pants, gloves, sleeves, socks and headgear.

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