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The pressure garments are used to prevent the overgrowth of scar tissue and keloids.

Pressure garments are widely accepted as the primary treatment for treating the scarring due to burns and different surgeries. The pressure garment declines the scar and accelerates the maturation of it. The pressure treatment has been shown to thin the dermis and the pressure generated minimizes tissue edema and the division of cells.

The scar declines and the collagen realigns according to epidermis.

The pressure is evenly distributed throughout the garment.

LYMED® can manufacture custom-made garments to each body part regardless of the size of the injury.

Effects of pressure treatment in scar managing:

    • prevention and management of hypertrophic scars

    • accelerates maturation of the scar

    • dermis gets thinner and the layers of collagen realign according to epidermis

    • the scar declines and gets more flexible

    • the color of scar becomes lighter

    • reduces itching, edema and stiffness of the treated area.

The pressure garments are made for every body part needing treatment.

Zippers, velcros, hooks and loops can be added to help with the dressing.

In addition to our custom made garments we have standard sized gloves, headgear, collars and sternal straps.

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